My Tot Spot provides a happy and joyful childcare environment for children ages 18 months to 5 years in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.



A joyful learning experience

Our mission is to provide a joyful, nurturing learning experience where Christian values are modelled and shared. As a centre committed to providing quality early childhood care and education, we welcome children and families of all faiths.

Growth for the future

Our vision is to develop your child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual being from a Biblical point of view in partnership with you as parents. We will provide the highest quality of care and be a positive influence on future generations.



Our guiding principles

At My Tot Spot, each child is recognized as a unique creation, with gifts, needs, and purpose. Our compassionate, safe, and caring environment creates a place for children to gain confidence, develop positive self-esteem, and mature emotionally. We believe that it is important to work closely with parents to collaboratively achieve the best care for their child.

The staff of My Tot Spot strive to develop maximum growth and potential in each child. In order to facilitate this, goals are designed to cater to each child, age groups, interests and personal development.

Our overall goals aim to develop:

  1. Autonomy and independence
  2. A strong and positive sense of self and self-esteem as a child created and loved by God
  3. Respect for others
  4. Creative and thinking abilities
  5. Life skills

Our objectives are to:

  1. Give children opportunities to succeed and be challenged
  2. Create programs that meet individual needs
  3. Encourage and model socially appropriate behaviour rooted in a Christian perspective
  4. Encourage individuals to care for themselves independently
  5. Celebrate all people created by God with their unique differences and similarities

Ontario Early Learning Framework

Formerly known as ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today), the Early Learning Framework is a guide to support early childhood programs in Ontario. With six distinct principles, the OELF provides a shared language and understanding of child development.

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How does Learning Happen?

- Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years

This is a professional learning resource for those working in child care and child and family programs. It supports pedagogy and program development in early years settings that is shaped by views about children, the role of educators and families, and the relationships among them. It builds on foundational knowledge about children and is grounded in new research and leading-edge practice from around the world.

At my Tot Spot we are making this way of educating children visible throughout our program.

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Ensuring high-quality learning and child care

Raising the Bar is an annual community accreditation program for licensed childcare centres. It is a voluntary, peer-driven initiative.

My Tot Spot will participate in this program.